Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keeping busy is the best way to be.

I haven't updated in a few days and for that I must apologize. I've been incredibly busy applying for jobs, going on interviews and going out with Chrissey, her dad and her mom. At this point, my vision isn't much better and it's come down to my right eye compensating for my left. I've been able to drive, although I have to do it carefully since I only have a bit of peripheral vision in the left. The dimmer switch is still turned almost all the way down leaving the center of my vision shadowed in the dark. It's annoying but I'm adjusting. I can't wait until I get to the point where it just a.) seems normal or b.) my vision returns. I'm hoping for the latter.
The count down until I'm off prednisone continues. I have to admit, I'll be sad to see it go since it's the only thing that aides me in my weight loss. This is how I know my body is all sorts of screwed up. When most people lose their period and gain weight, I gain my period and lose weight. It just doesn't make sense. If it weren't for all the terrible side effects I'd beg my doctor to let me stay on it, just for the benefits of the weight loss. It wouldn't even have to be a large dose, just maybe two pills a day to keep the weight loss coming.
There isn't much else to report. I continue to suffer with acne and hair growth, but, it's all part of the daily challenge with these two diseases. I'm also a bit nervous right now anyways because as it turns out, I no longer have insurance. I'm desperately trying to get on state insurance and on Monday, between interviews I'm going to check out getting on disability since I'm still blind. Let's hope I get it kids!