Friday, January 28, 2011

Accomplishing stuff, a MSers dream.

My brain isn't fuzzy today. There's been a cloud lifted and I think it's because I'm beginning to taper off of the meds. I was actually able to complete my assigned readings for my Enlightenment class and then move on to the discussion. Yay for accomplishment. I've also applied for several jobs, including state and country jobs (which has good benefits).
I hate the days when I don't really feel like I have any insight to offer. I just feel like I'm getting better, each day I regain a little more of my vision with the hopes of tomorrow it being restored completely. I hate taking life one day at a time, I'd prefer everything to be instantaneous and set out in front of me like a Thanksgiving meal. I'm definitely a child of instant gratification, that's probably why I have no will power.
I do hope I'll be able to drive soon. My car is crying out for an oil change and I'd like it to get one but I just don't have the way of getting it down there. Come on prednisone, you've already made me pimply and quite round, why not do what you're supposed to so the public can be exposed to it as well. I'm all about sharing.
At least tonight is going to be low-key. It's just a movie and pizza. Nothing difficult about it and since I've completed what I needed to I can actually relax. If only all of us MSers could just relax. Tomorrow, on the other hand, is a completely different story. There's been mention of the word pedicure and my grubby bits are curling backwards in protest. It'll be the first time, hopefully not the last.

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  1. I've always wanted to try a pedi. Your black background makes my eyes do weird stuff...I like what you plan to study in school! We sure need more advocates.