Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick post to pass the time

I'm writing this from my blackberry so it won't be a lengthy blog post, merely an update. I had a brief scare with my IV site and had to have a nurse come out and take a look at it. It was just a wee bit of blood from bumping it so I didn't have to have a new IV put in. Still no improvement in my lack of vision, except I've fooled myself into believing I can see lights, just a glimmer, but that's positive. I had to reschedule a few interviews for next week and I'm hopeful it won't damage my job prospects. I'm putting a lot of faith into my vision being restored but I've begun to work on a backup plan in the case it does not. If I remain blind in my left eye, I believe I will have no trouble getting disability. In fact, Chrissey's mom gave me the number of an agency that may be able to help me get food stamps and medical insurance until I get a position somewhere. Anywho, right now we're at the dentist while Chrissey gets a tooth extracted and after that we're off to look at houses. Good times ahead!

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