Monday, January 24, 2011

Roid rage. Today blog, you'll be the place that I rant.

I'm frustrated. Frustrated with not being able to see and frustrated with doctor's who just don't give a rats ass. It's so incredibly dangerous not to taper off of with the prednisone. What's worse, is that the idiot receptionist told me I could come and pick the script up! This is after the several times I told her that I was in another state!
So let me start from a comfortable point just so I don't muddle up the story with my anger and frustration. I received my first round of IV steroids from the nurse on Thursday of last week. She went over with me why I need to follow up with the prednisone and taper off (mostly my body will crash and I'm at risk for a super bad relapse like I had before, which includes hospital beds and paralyzation). This was after hours in New York and I knew that I would have to call first thing in the morning to get the ball rolling on Friday. So I did, I woke up early, called the Shuk's office and explained to the receptionist (*insert eye-roll here*) that I needed the meds called in and since I was relying on someone else to take me to the pharmacy (because I'm flippin' blind!) I needed it done before the end of the day. So we go on Saturday, thinking, oh, they should be there by now. But alas, nothing. No call, no nothing. So I call the answering service and they put a call through to Dr. Shukri. He calls me back and pretty much tells me there's nothing I can do but call back on Monday and talk to Mary (his nurse).
So I did. I called back. Did I get Mary? Nope, I get the idiot receptionist again. She says she may be able to call it in for me. So I give her some time and she calls me back while I'm in the loo and offers to let me come and pick the prescription up (*begins to bang head on table and keyboard*). This is the same girl I've been telling that I'm stuck in another state, blind and cannot just pick it up. I explain it to her again and she says she'll take care of it for me. Playing the waiting game again I call bi-mart. Still nothing. I begin my last round of steroids (which is taking forever today because of how fast my blood is pumping) and call the home infusion line and let them know I'll be removing it today. I tell her the situation with the prednisone (or lack thereof) and she offers to call their office and try to speak with someone. She calls, and you guessed it, they are closed! Unbelievable. She did fax something over to them so it's my hope that they'll get it while they close up and finally take care of it. Don't they know you never stress a person with MS out like this? It's mostly fear driving it all, fear that I won't get the prednisone and I'll crash. It's a real fear that anyone in my situation could have, especially when they aren't getting the level of treatment they need to survive. I understand I'm in another state, that I'm not a priority, but I haven't had the chance to even unpack anything out here before this menace of a disease hit me.
I didn't ask for this. I never wanted to be sick and have to deal with doctors and nurses and IV lines and idiot receptionists. I understand it's my cross to bear through life but man, is it really asking to much to have people do what they are supposed to do? To relay priority messages? To do their job to ensure the health and care of their patients?
I'm frustrated and my heart is beginning to speed up from the steroids. I just need to breath. I can't help but thinking that if Taft was still there this would never have happened. He doesn't drop the ball. I wish there were more PA's out there like him. He's my superhero.

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