Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I wish I could just understand.

I'm sick of doctor's not listening to me when I tell them something's wrong with me. I've been to a rather rude endocrinologist who shrugged my rather odd symptoms off as a just another PCOs'er who needs to exercise and lose weight. She completely disregarded my statements when I told her there was a connection between solumedrol/prednisone and my periods. I honestly believe that she, after seeing hundreds of other overweight patients, just looked at the shell casing and dismissed me. It's a shame. I really think there's an opportunity here at a discovery.
You see, it all started when I was in my early teens. I received my period once, from the time I was 13 until I was put on birth control when I was 17. That was the beginning of my journey but there's been a few bumpy parts along the way. Bumpy parts, that just don't make any sense.
Prednisone makes my body menstruate. That's right. Of all the things the doctor's have put me on including birth control, metformin, estrogen, etc. the one thing that allows me to have a cycle is the prednisone. At this rate, it's the only thing that works. I would consider it a fluke if it happened once or twice while on prednisone but so far it's happened during every one of my treatments.
I've said this before, but I can't help but feel it's all connected. I've sometimes considered the idea that it may be cushing's or some related disease but nevertheless, it always points to hormones. Perhaps it's some sort of adrenal crisis? I haven't the slightest idea. My main goal, when I get insurance out here, is to see a specialist, someone who is actually interested in these weird symptoms and will listen to me when I tell them something is wrong.
I think it all comes down to discrimination from doctor's. Whenever they see an overweight person walk into their office they immediately think of this person as unhealthy, a hypochondriac and just in need of losing a few pounds. I really wish doctor's would treat the symptoms and the body, not just my shape.


  1. OK, totally non medical person here, but I'd still wonder WTF was going on too. It doesn't seem "right" that Prednisone brings menstruation. I really hope you find a doc who has more curiosity and time to research some of this. And a huge BOO HISS to the doc who seemed to want to blame your size. You are right, there IS a prejudice-especially at first meeting. Is there a college about? Mayhaps one with a Med school? Seems you might need people like that on the "case". Since I quit smoking, my entire endocrine system went wacky, so I'm sort of curious myself about how it all interconnects.

  2. It is so strange how everything, unrelated, actually is. All of my googling and research tells me that the complete opposite should happen when I take prednisone, that I should therefore lack a menstrual cycle. But then again, I never had one to begin with so wouldn't it make more sense if it just didn't happen at all? But it does, and it's like clockwork. By the second day of the oral drugs it's there, giving me a menancing growl and reminding me, oh yeah, I have boobs and a vag. As if, menstruation alone, makes you feel like a woman.

  3. You know, I've heard there's a college around here OHSU, that would probably love to get their hands on me. It's worth a check-in and see if I can find some sort of specialist.

  4. Check them out Des! Also check with MS Association (or whatever there is) to find out about researchers in your area. I have friends who helped find the marker for MD because sadly, both their girls were born with it (unusual to have 2 kids-esp. girls- with it) Didn't really help their conditions much, but if my friend had lived (don't ask) they would have been able to test a fetus for MD.