Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love the quiet days.

Today was rather mild as far as symptoms go. I took my third day of six prednisone and look forward to tapering down to five tomorrow and so on. I'm on the second day of my prednisone induced menstrual cycle and the cravings are horrendous. I'm not even entirely sure what's driving them, the prednisone or the fact that PMSing. And I am. I'm irritable, depressed, anxious, bloated and broken out. I can't even imagine being anymore unhappy with my body. I need to start getting out there and moving around before the prednisone makes more fat little grubby pockets all over my body. The only good thing is that my vision is slowly coming back, I can actually make out differences in brightness.
The prednisone acne is bad. Very bad. It's all over my face, curves around my ears and is starting to spread down to my shoulders. They look like blisters more than anything else. My body is literally pushing the medicated toxins out of my body. It's disgusting. I feel like a game of connect the dots on a child's play pad.
I think, by far, what's getting to me the most is the depression. It's making me homesick, which is a very rare thing for me to feel. I've got this nagging little voice in the back of my head telling me I made a bad decision. I know this is far from true, that I made the right decision for me but it's this damn depression.
Tomorrow is a new day with a fresh slate. We'll have to see what happens.


  1. Hang in there Des. It is natural, even without all you are going through, to challenge oneself on big life altering changes. Keep on saying to yourself "this too shall pass" because it WILL! So will the prednisone induced pimples. The great news is the returning of your vision! And, if your body is pushing out the toxins...well then, some part of said body WORKS! YAY! Keep as up as you can. :-)

  2. Good luck and good medicine. My legal blindness came back without prednisone and (knock on my head) (ow! Dang!) been 20/20 since. That was in 1991.