Monday, January 24, 2011

Sometimes being a gnat in one's ear really pays off.

I hated that I let me emotions take control of my situation earlier. I try to be a bit more reserved with them, especially over the phone, but the whole situation was even to much for me to handle.
There's one thing I've learned about life while having this disease. No one else will ever be your advocate, you have to fulfill that role. So, I annoyed them and I called and I left messages and I left messages with other companies and I even called the answering service. That's what did the trick.
I have my meds.. and I'm happy. I can take it in the morning and not be up all night like I more than likely will be tonight. So, things worked out in the end. I spilt a little anger, shed a few tears but I'll just blame that on the steroids and not me feeling sorry for myself. Problem solved.

1 comment:

  1. I always say a little judicial use of anger can be quite long as it is also experienced with polite, nice behavior when the people involved "earn" it. Good job Des.