Sunday, September 13, 2009

Final Evening in the Hospital

It's 11:30 pm. and I'm partially awake. Kel and I got into a little tiff today at the hospital, I don't know if it's the roid rage or just the frustration of still being here. It could also be the restricted diet they have me on. I'm having the worst cravings for sugar and caffeine but unfortunately the solumedrol is causing me to have really high blood glucose levels. Yesterday I clocked in at 232 and today it was 181! Despite my PCOs my glucose levels are usually pretty normal (fasting glucose is in the low 80's) so I'm kind of shocked by how the steroids have really affected my body.
I guess that's why it's good that I'm in the hospital because it's opening up the possibility of getting to the root of all my troubles! Too bad there's only one more day left.
My head is swimming right now. Kel snuck me in something with sugar and now I've got a serious headache so I'm hoping this isn't some diabetic shock symptom. Blah! I don't know what to do.
There is some form of silver lining.. I think I've managed to lose some weight! I guess restricted hospital diets aren't too bad, just not my cup of tea. I've never managed being told what to do very well so maybe it's just an act of rebellion.
In other news I have several people, the Shuk (my neuro) included, telling me my best bet would be to go on disability now that I have two new lesions on my spine and that because it's a progressive disease I really need to cut the stress out of my life. Unfortunately my biggest stressor in my life is my job. Who knows what I should do?

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