Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Rebif Tweak

I had a bit of a tweak out this evening when I went to take my rebif. I had convinced myself it was going to hurt really really bad. I'm not even sure where this thought came from. Maybe it was because both Kel and Kristen were watching me. I hyped myself all up. I had originally planned on injecting it into my arm but the fear of that quick pinch freaked me out so much that I ended up injecting it into my belly. I don’t know what the fuss was all about- I didn’t even end up feeling it! Maybe it’s the collective sucking in breath by those around you that gets you going!

There’s still no real progress from the initial symptoms, except that the band around my waist doesn’t feel as tight, or perhaps I’m just getting used to it. I still have trouble breathing if I bend over or if I’m in the bathroom with the shower running (heat). I’m using my walker out in public and I’ve noticed that for about ten minutes my walking is okay (better than what it was) but after that it all goes down hill and my left leg begins to drag behind me.

When I stand up I tilt to the side. I think it’s because of the tightness in my midsection. It keeps me from really getting comfortable!

Sorry for the fragmented post. I’m exhausted but the fear of waking up with muscle spasms again has me quivering in fear. I can deal with pain in normal circumstances but any MS related pain has me calling foul!

That odd symptom I seem to only get when I’m on solumedrol came back in full force today! The last time I went to the endocrinologist I had mentioned to her that I seem to only get my period after I’ve had a round of IV steroids and sure enough after this round I’m at it again! There HAS to be some connection between the two (adrenal fatigue? Cushing’s?) but everyone just chooses to ignore it. It’s just odd that with everyone else the solumedrol makes their period go MIA and it makes me have it (and it’s the only thing that works too, otherwise I’m barren!). Maybe I should get a second opinion. The body is an interesting piece of work and I can’t help but think that the MS, the PCOs and this whole solumedrol/period thing are all related! I’m sure there can be one main cause for everything and as soon as I figure out what it is I’ll be cured and I can go back to living my life!

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