Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hospital Day Two

Again with the brain fog! If the solumedrol wasn't helping I would be cursing it to the high heavens. The good news is I can breath, except when I start moving around.

I had a little physical therapy today and could barely get down the hallway because I'm so stiff! I hate this. They have me on a restricted diet (if you can even call hospital food, real food), it's so disgusting. I'm just ready to go home now. Is it Monday yet? I'm so bored and lonely and I miss my fur kids -.-

Blah. Now the tears start.

My doctor came to see me today and he said for some reason my glucose levels are through the roof, even though my readings last month were normal. I really can't help but think there has to be some relationship between the MS, PCOs and these readings they've been getting.

I'm also dying for a diet pepsi, would someone like to come and sneak one in to me, I'll give you my first born!

Kelly left hours ago to attend to some things at the house and I really wish he hadn't left me here alone. Depression+alone= disaster. This sucks!

Give me some caffeine and sugar already or I'm going to turn into one grumpy girl!!

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