Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There always has to be a beginning...

Genetic predisposition.

I curse those words.

Somewhere along the line I managed to not only inherit Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome but also Multiple Sclerosis! Just goes to show I come from a fantastic gene pool!

All sarcasm aside there was a point in my life when I was carefree and didn't know I had either of these problems. I was 13 and I was waiting anxiously for my rite of passage into womanhood. All of my friends were already blessed with aunt flow and here I was not a tampon in sight! Suddenly, as if my prayers had been answered I got my period for the first time... and only time... at least until I was put on birth control at the age of 17 when a nurse practitioner told me I had baby boobs and spoke the words that would forever change my life, well, at least until I received my confirmed MS diagnosis, I had PCOS. The ultrasound confirmed I had cysts on my ovaries and at the time I probably had convinced myself I would die from this awful sounding disease! So here I was at 17, a pimply senior in high school armed with birth control and sanitary pads, I was finally a woman!

Fast forward a few years.. about five or so give or take a few months. I had just finished up a horrible horrible argument with my husband when I began to notice a tingling almost burning sensation in my left arm. It was a horrible sensation and one that seemed to be spreading day by day. Finally after convincing myself to go to the doctor's (after I had found one in the area) he had decided it was a pinched nerve and shrugged me off. After several different referrals he decided that there was truly something wrong as now my eyesight was beginning to dim and my walking impaired and I could no longer feel most of my body. I was finally referred to a neurologist who at first, after discovering there were no lesions on my brain, said it was not MS and thought it was Devic's disease. After several more tests and several more MRI's he located the lesions on my spine, did a spinal tap and discovered it was not Devic's that it truly was MS, it was just in the beginning stages.

So enter now. After seeing my OBGYN (my beloved nurse practitioner was no longer with the office) I was told there was nothing they could do for me and I was on my own to battle the PCOs. I knew they were wrong! I knew that there were more options available to me! I spoke to my primary physician, a wonderful woman, and she suggested I see an endocrinologist. Her office set up the appointment and after having several pints (I swear!) of blood I have been placed on metformin to see if it will bring back my MIA periods and help me shed some weight along the way.

Update on the MS, since my diagnosis in January of 2006 I have had one flare up in May 2009. Currently I am not on any medication other than baclofen for the spasms and provigil for the tiredness, which I only take as needed. I was taking a copaxone injection daily but the side effects were to severe. Right now I'm in touch with a company called MS Life Lines and I will be starting Rebif as soon as I receive it, hopefully I have better luck with this drug than the last.

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