Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Play By Play

I met with Taft, Shukri's PA and it was a very informative appointment.

By far the most important thing we discussed was the option of hand controls for my car. I told him how I had talked to the physical therapist and I wanted to look into getting hand controls for my car. He said that it really isn't something they just put in your car and send you off on your own. He is putting me in contact with Rochester Rehabilitation Center which works with the DMV and trains you on how to properly use assisted driving devices and how to deal with a disability while out on the road. I've looked at the website and it looks like a great program so I look forward to hearing from them and getting started on the road to driving freedom.

He mentioned that this particular lesion was very large and that's why I haven't noticed any improvement as of yet. He wants me to continue the prednisone until it's all gone and also continue on the rebif injections. He remains optimistic that the rebif should begin to work soon (he said it takes about an average of three months for it to begin to be effective).

I brought up the returning back to work and he pretty much agreed that I'm not going to be ready to return on the first. He wanted me to stay out an additional TWO months! I told him I'd meet him half way and he'll reevaluate my condition towards the end of next month and decide how much longer I need to stay out from there. He feels that between the fatigue, leg symptoms, the fact that I haven't had any physical therapy yet and the breathing issues it's a bad idea for me to return to work so soon. So, my dear friends, it looks like you'll be stuck with my constant updates for a bit longer while I continue on the road to recovery.

He asked me how my bladder was doing and I immediately began talking about the lack of bowel movements (I know.. I only heard what I wanted to hear). He gave me a sample pack of amitiza, a drug used to treat chronic constipation in adults. I don't know if it's working yet as I just took the pill but we'll see shortly!

Another interesting thing we discussed is the issue of health insurance reform. He thinks I should become an advocate since I know first hand the type of hoops you have to jump through just to get a condition treated or to get the medication I need. It's an idea but with everything else that is going on, I just don't think I have the time or am in the right frame of mind to deal with that right now.

Other than that I spent the rest of the afternoon with my dad, Kel and my parent's Boston Terriers, Pepper Anne and Tabitha. We rode around in my dad's new vehicle and it was nice to get out and about for a while. The only problem now is that I'm exhausted and needing a nap!

By the way, I'm starting physical therapy next week, not this week. My bad!

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