Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shedding a little light on the subject

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some images. I'm not an expert on reading MRIs and I'm really not sure what I'm looking for. When I received my first series of MRIs (the old fashioned prints) I really wanted to be able to see what the doctor was talking about. I asked him to point the lesion out to me. Now, this is an MRI image off the disk they gave me the last time (9/10). This is the only lesion I can positively identify because it was my very first.
It is located on my c-spine and it's the bastard that started all my troubles!

I wanted to show you images of the lesions on my brain but I'm really not sure what they look like. I think for the sake of research and to be completely knowledgeable I will have to harass Taft into giving me a play by play. These lesions are the most important for diagnosis. In order to have a confirmed case of multiple sclerosis there has to be lesions present on your brain (the first flare-up only presented an image on my c-spine, but they treated me for MS because if it looks like MS, feels like MS, more than likely you've got MS).

The reason I'm having a hard time recovering from this last flare-up was because of the size of the lesion. I know nothing about how lesions on the thoracic spine presents itself. I can only assume based on my c-spine lesion that it's that giant white mass staring back at me. I can also assume that that's why I'm having such a terrible time with the dreaded MS hug!

When I find out more from Taft at my next appointment (in October) I'll be sure to ask him to explain to me exactly what it is that I'm looking at. I think in order to truly understand this disease you have to be a sponge! You have to absorb as much knowledge as you can in order to truly be able to take a stand against this disease!


  1. Hi Desiree,

    I am really glad that you commented on my blog, its always nice to hear someone is reading. Anyways I found your blog and I have to say I totally get what you are going through with all the MS stuff. I really have enjoyed your blog, and I spent some time reading through the entire thing (I'm kinda a blogging addict...). Hope you are feeling well,


  2. Hope you're doing ok, haven't heard any updates from you in a while.